Adekunle Gold Opens Up On How He Deals With Online Trolls

With his increasing social media presence and the recent publication of his remarkable fifth album, “Tequila Ever After,” Adekunle Gold has had to cope with online bullies. Adekunle Gold said in an interview with Beats FM that he doesn’t feel restricted from replying to trolls because of his fame and that he has every right to do so.

The award-winning musician, who just dropped his fifth critically lauded album, “Tequila Ever After,” has experienced some unpleasant remarks on Twitter, usually from anonymous accounts, like other famous people. Adekunle Gold yearned for the times before social media, when interacting with famous people didn’t require a quick tweet, as a result of the frequent pointless attacks from anonymous accounts.

Adekunle Gold acknowledges that there is a positive side to social media despite the unfavorable aspect of celebrities having unfettered access to it, as it provides a chance to interact with fans. In the end, Adekunle Gold wants the public to understand that famous people are still people, and there is a limit to how much insulting language they can take.

Adekunle Gold has also recently expressed his continued rage over Brymo’s contentious statement about Simi, his wife. The Ghanaian diva Efya and Simi were among the female collaborators for whom Brymo first made sex a prerequisite. Brymo has received a warning from AG not to “disrespect my wife and my family”.

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