Burna Boy Shades Brymo, “Hustle make you no go fall off like Brymo”

A Tangle of Accusations and Musical Retorts

The Afrobeat music scene has recently been abuzz with a brewing tension between two of its prominent figures, Burna Boy and Brymo. The root of the discord seems to stem from allegations made by Brymo, accusing Burna Boy of pilfering his song. This claim was further intensified when Brymo alleged that Burna Boy had sent individuals to physically confront him over the matter.

In what appears to be a response to these allegations, Burna Boy, during a live performance, subtly shaded Brymo with lyrics that seemed to reference the singer’s recent controversies. The line, “Hustle hard make you no fall off like Brymo,” was perceived by many as a direct jab at Brymo, further fueling the ongoing dispute between the two artists.

Social media platforms have been rife with reactions from fans and followers of both musicians. Some have expressed support for their favorite artist, while others have called for peace and understanding between the two. Comments ranged from humorous takes on the situation to more serious discussions about the implications of such public disputes in the music industry.

Further research into the matter reveals that Brymo had previously criticized Burna Boy in an interview, labeling him as inauthentic in his musical approach. This, combined with the recent allegations of song theft, has added layers of complexity to their relationship.

The Afrobeat community and its enthusiasts await further developments in this unfolding drama. While disputes and rivalries are not uncommon in the music world, many hope that the two artists can find common ground and resolve their differences amicably.

In the broader context of the Afrobeat genre, both Burna Boy and Brymo have made significant contributions. Their individual styles and approaches to music have garnered them vast fan bases, both locally and internationally. It remains to be seen how this current dispute will impact their careers and the Afrobeat scene as a whole.

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