Davido Reacts As A Fan Embarks On A Foot Journey To See Him From Taraba State

Davido, one of the biggest names in Afrobeats music, has expressed real concern for a committed fan who is planning an epic trek from Taraba to Lagos just to meet him. Last Friday, a fan going by the username Dami4reign piqued everyone’s interest by declaring a daring plan to walk 828 kilometers to be in Davido’s presence.

Dami4reign took to social media, churning up a hearty pot of appeals for support and well-wishes, all while hoping for a sprinkle of luck on his bold adventure. In his reaction, Davido stated that if Dami attempts the difficult walk, he would bear the burden alone.

This comes after a fervent follower announced on Thursday that he is currently biking a bicycle from Benue to Lagos in order to see Davido. The musician responded by emphasizing that he is not currently at his home. Furthermore, he advised the enthusiast to turn around and return home.

However, the fanatic persisted in his wish to travel to Lagos and meet Davido, claiming that he had already arrived in Benin. Davido responded once more, confirming his absence from Lagos. Nonetheless, he asked the biker for his bank account information. The Afrobeats artist later disclosed via Twitter that he is currently in Croatia.

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