Tekno Unveils Eagerly Anticipated Single “Pocket” Ahead of Album Release

An Insight into the Artist's Upcoming Album "The More The Matter"

The music industry is abuzz with the latest release from the multitalented artist, Tekno. His new single, “Pocket,” produced by the adept Insane Chips, is more than just a song; it’s a sneak peek into what’s coming next. Fans are eagerly awaiting Tekno’s upcoming album, “The More The Matter,” set to drop on September 1st.Tekno Unveils Eagerly Anticipated Single &Quot;Pocket&Quot; Ahead Of Album Release, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

“Pocket” is a track that immerses listeners into Tekno’s unique world. The song starts with a compelling statement about the influence of money, highlighting its power to invigorate and uplift spirits. Tekno’s lyrics, “when money pocket no go dey dull your body, shey you no know money dey ginger body,” encapsulate the song’s core message about the rejuvenating power of financial stability.

This isn’t the first time Tekno has graced the music scene this year. “Pocket” is his fifth release, following his recent hit “So What,” which featured the rising singer, Shallipopi. Each song showcases Tekno’s dedication to offering fresh and enthralling music to his audience. As the release date for “The More The Matter” approaches, “Pocket” serves as a tantalizing appetizer, heightening the anticipation for the full album.

Tekno’s consistent ability to produce captivating music solidifies his esteemed position in the music industry. With tracks like “Pocket” and the promise of his forthcoming album, he continues to showcase his evolving creativity, ensuring fans remain engrossed in his musical odyssey.

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