Eniola Badmus Arrests TikToker Who Accused Her Of Pimping Women Out To Politicians

After being falsely accused of being a pimp by TikToker Ego Okoye, Nigerian actress Eniola Badmus is now embroiled in a legal dispute. When Ego Okoye’s viral video implied that Badmus was involved in overseeing prostitutes and benefitting from their earnings by setting up clients for them, the accusation quickly gained traction.

Adding fire to the already explosive charges, the video continued to imply that Badmus had even tried to connect one of her contacts with a politician. Ego Okoye eventually apologized to the actress for her actions after realizing the gravity of the charges and the potential harm they could do to her career. Eniola Badmus, however, chose to sue the TikToker after the TikToker’s apology was not accepted by her.

Eniola Badmus was steadfast in her determination to turn to the legal system to seek redress because she was convinced that Ego Okoye’s accusations constituted defamation. She was resolved not to keep quiet about the false and unverified rumors that had damaged her reputation.

In a recently released video, an arrested Ego Okoye was asked by Badmus why the accusations against her were false, and she appeared perplexed. Okoye refused to answer questions regarding her motivations, insisting that she had done nothing illegal.

Despite the lack of an explanation, Badmus expressed her resolve to carry on with the legal action against Okoye.

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