Janelle Monáe Returns with ‘Age of Pleasure’: A Celebration of Honesty and Joy

The Grammy-Nominated Artist Releases Her First Album in Five Years, Featuring Collaborations with Grace Jones, CKay, Amaarae, and Doechii

Janelle Monáe, the genre-blurring R&B star, has released her first album in five years, ‘Age of Pleasure.’ The album, which follows her 2018 Grammy-nominated ‘Dirty Computer,’ is a 14-track exploration of pleasure and self-love, featuring collaborations with Grace Jones, CKay, Amaarae, and Doechii.





1 Float (feat. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80′) 4:02
2 Champagne Shit 2:23
3 Black Sugar Beach 1:05
4 Phenomenal (feat. Doechii) 3:37
5 Haute 1:36
6 Oooh La La (feat. Grace Jones) 0:35
7 Lipstick Lover 2:49
8 The Rush (feat. Nia Long & Amaarae) 2:43
9 The French 75 (feat. Sister Nancy) 1:09
10 Water Slide 2:44
11 Know Better (feat. CKay, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80′) 2:49
12 Paid In Pleasure 1:46
13 Only Have Eyes 42 2:50
14 A Dry Red 1:51

The album’s lead single, “Lipstick Lover,” has already become a summer hit, sparking conversations with its bold and playful lyrics. Monáe shared the inspiration behind the song in an interview with Zane Lowe, revealing that it was inspired by her love for red lipstick and the intimate moments it has marked.

Janelle Monáe Returns With 'Age Of Pleasure': A Celebration Of Honesty And Joy, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024

‘Age of Pleasure’ is a departure from Monáe’s previous high-concept albums. Instead of focusing on overarching narratives or personas, Monáe has chosen to write from an honest space, focusing on the present moment and the pursuit of pleasure. “I’ve had my age of depression. I’ve had my age of anxiety. I’ve had my age of struggle. And again, it’s not like life is pleasurable every single day, but I think I have actively just sought out … How do I create a space for myself?” Monáe said in her interview with Lowe.

The album is a testament to Monáe’s versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending different musical styles and themes. From the sun-drenched beats of “Lipstick Lover” to the introspective lyrics of other tracks, ‘Age of Pleasure’ showcases Monáe’s ability to create music that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

As Monáe returns to the music scene with ‘Age of Pleasure,’ she invites listeners to join her in celebrating the present moment and seeking out pleasure in all its forms. The album is a testament to Monáe’s artistic evolution and her commitment to creating music that resonates with her listeners on a deeply personal level. ‘Age of Pleasure’ is available for streaming on all platforms.


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