Odumodublvck And Prettyboy D-O Finally Resolve Their Heated Dispute

Odumodublvck and Prettyboy D-O, two Nigerian rappers, have made the decision to put their feud behind them.

As you may recall, a few days prior, the rappers got into a fight for supremacy on social media. The entire feud was initially triggered by an nasty quarrel involving NATIVE Records, Prettyboy D-O and an overdue debt of $500.

In addition, fans accused Odumodublvck of “copying” Prettyboy D-O without giving him “credits,” which sparked a quarrel. During the feud, Chubbz, who shares ownership of Native Records, the record label of Odumodublvck, disclosed that they initially tried to sign Prettyboy D-O before realizing Odumodublvck was “more talented.”

A short clip that was uploaded on Odumodublvck’s X handle on Friday gave the impression that the two had worked out their differences. The two could be heard shouting, “No beef!” in the video as they danced to a song by Odumodublvck.

There is no denying that Prettyboy D-O and Odumodublvck have a lot in common. They are both men who were raised in the relatively peaceful city of Abuja but who possess a thuggish confidence that is unique to Port Harcourt.

They are also rappers who combine trap, street hop, and cult-like slang in a way that combines viciousness and melody. But there are many more lines that separate them. The most noticeable of these is their self-described musical identities.


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