Reggaeton Icons, Daddy Yankee And Don Omar, Resolve Their Long-Standing Feud

Don Omar and Daddy Yankee have reached a peaceful resolution to their long-standing rivalry and discord. The two heavyweights of reggaeton acknowledged each other’s contributions to the globalization of their genre of music and showed their love for one another in separate posts on social media.

Just a few days after Yankee announced his retirement and that he was committing his life to Christianity, Don Omar was the first to release a lengthy message on Instagram on Tuesday, December 12.

Don Omar most recently revealed that he will be making a triumphant comeback to the stage with a U.S. tour. March marks the start of the CMN-produced Back to Reggaetón tour. Yankee offered a emotionally moving note to Don shortly after Don Omar shared the tour announcement post with his nine million+ followers.

After concluding, Yankee expressed his feeling of being “calm and at peace” with the knowledge that they were putting the past behind them, which frequently set the two against one another.

The two participated in a Mano a Mano discussion at Latin Music Week 2016 for the first time ever.  Although they didn’t communicate much, Don and Yankee were courteous to one another and alternated in responding to questions from Leila Cobo of Billboard.

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