Rapper Who Claims To Be FN Meka’s Voice Speaks Out

Hip-hop is currently the subject of various discussions, and AI rappers have been a popular subject. A deal between Capitol Records and the popular AI rapper FN Meka was just revealed, however the agreement ended as soon as the festivities got started. When FN Meka signed the record deal, the reaction was relentless despite the fact that she had gained 10 million followers and even gone viral on TikTok.

As concerns about the rapper’s creation by non-Black people spread, Capitol was accused of utilizing a computer-generated rapper to take Black culture and Meka was accused of making light of police violence. Following the uproar, Capitol issued a statement in which they expressed regret and said they had decided to break up their relationship with the AI rapper.

Following the uproar, Kyle The Hooligan—the purported real-life person who is FN Meka’s voice—appeared to give his explanation of the events. “They came to me with this A.I. sh*t and was like would I want to be the voice of it and I thought it was going to be some collaboration,” he said.

Kyle claimed that he was promised “equity in the company, percentages, all this stuff,” and he was enthusiastic about the prospects. “Next thing I know, n*ggas just ghosted me. Use my voice, use my sound, use the culture, and literally just left me high and dry,” he added.

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