Rapper, Blueface Claims He No Longer Knows His Mother, To Which She Responds, “Suck It Up”

People have grown accustomed to expecting outrageous behavior from Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and pretty much everyone else connected to them—especially in light of the way they interact with one another in public. Blueface and Rock’s relationship has recently shown just how erratic it can be after a video of them swinging on each other on Hollywood Boulevard went viral.

Rapper would publicly criticize their relationship and implore Rock to break up with him, but within days, they had resumed public displays of devotion. But it’s not just the pair who have generated buzz—mother, Blueface’s Karlissa Saffold, has also gained notoriety on social media for her candid observations of his private life.

Rock, according to Saffold, was recently accused of being prostituted and put “in harm’s way,” and she said that her son lacks empathy since he is pimping his girlfriend. Blueface clarified his disagreement with his mother on Monday evening (August 8) in his Instagram Story.

“None my mom say is true I don’t even know that lady anymore,” he wrote. “I lost her to the internet she just want to be known to get her hair done for free she ain’t even aloud to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to Instagram an nobody want to be ina mix with her.”

His mother responded with a scathing retort after refusing to take the criticism lying down. Have a look below.

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