Rick Ross Has A Few Words For Drake Over Birdman Foreclosure

Rick Ross, the renowned rapper from Miami, has been known for his quick wit and on-point responses as the beef between him and Drake enters another week. He did not disappoint his fans when he released a response track, “Champagne Moments,”  just three hours after the release of Drake’s diss track “Push Ups.”. DJ Akademiks had shared a screenshot of Drake making fun of Ross’ wealth on Instagram, and Rozay responded almost immediately with a fiery challenge. He called out Drake’s bluff, asking him to prove his claims and challenged him to help his former label boss, Birdman, find a new home within two days. To make the process easier, Ross even scouted a few nearby locations. He didn’t stop there; the rapper grabbed a bottle of Rose, his signature drink, and took to Instagram Live to issue his challenge in front of his fans. With his quick thinking and sharp tongue, Ross has proved once again that he is not one to be messed with, and he’ll take it as far as he can.

“I saw you say that you got more money than Ricky Rozay,”

“And let’s assume you did. Well your best friend, Birdman, his house went into foreclosure. You done watched that man struggle for five years and ain’t get that man a mansion.”

“Cuse if you got more money than Rozay, what’s another $50 million, white boy? Don’t do Stunna like that. C’mon man.”

During the live, Rick Ross stated that Birdman, a famous American rapper, was forced to sell his luxurious mansion for $10.85 million in 2018. The New York Post confirmed Ross’s statement, reporting that Birdman had previously purchased the mansion for $14.5 million. This means Birdman suffered a net loss of nearly $5 million from the mansion’s sale.

During his speech, Ross urged Drake, another famous rapper, to use his wealth to buy Birdman another mansion and added a few mockingbird sounds before setting a countdown clock of 48 hours. Ross even looked at Drake’s private jet safety by advising him to be safe while flying in his “old” jet model, which was manufactured in 1978. Ross then boasted that none of his MMG artists have ever been kicked out of their homes, hinting that he was better at managing his money and investments. Even though Ross may not be as wealthy as Drake, his decision to involve Birdman in the conversation was clever, as Birdman had recently shown support for Drake in the ongoing feud between the two rappers. As Birdman is sometimes called, Stunna had written “I’m ridin’ with you 4L” on his Instagram Story, which was unsurprising given his past antagonistic relationship with Ross.

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