Rick Ross Responds To Drake Diss With “Champagne Moments”

In the world of rap, the feud between Rick Ross and Drake has taken an interesting turn. The Maybach Music Group mogul wasted no time in responding to Drake’s recent diss track, which also included Kendrick Lamar, Future, and others. Reportedly, Ross wrote and recorded his response in just a couple of hours. He then sent the track, titled “Champagne Moments,” to DJ Akademiks for a livestream premiere.

The track starts with a sample of Drake expressing his admiration for Ross as his favourite person to collaborate with. However, the mood quickly shifts as Ross levels some significant accusations against Drake. He alleges that Drake underwent a nose job, which has not been confirmed or denied by Drake himself. Additionally, Ross claims that Drake sent a cease-and-desist order to French Montana, resulting in Montana unfollowing Drake on social media. This claim has been somewhat substantiated, as Montana publicly unfollowed Drake on Instagram in 2019, but the reason behind it is not entirely apparent. Throughout the track, Ross boasts about his wealth and luxurious lifestyle, a hallmark of his music. He also throws in several bars and boasts about his lyrical prowess, seemingly trying to assert his dominance over Drake. Fans of both artists have been overreacting to the diss, with some taking sides and others simply enjoying the drama.

Although no one has responded directly to Drake’s leaked diss, fans are convinced that some people have been subliminally responding. Some fans believe that Meek Mill, who previously had a public feud with Drake, may have alluded to the diss in a recent tweet. The speculation and anticipation around potential responses and beef will linger and intensify for months. Rick Ross’ response was not just limited to his music. He also took to social media to share footage of himself in the studio before the disc dropped. Clearly, he was not going to let Drake’s shots go unanswered and was ready to defend himself and his reputation. As the feud continues, fans eagerly await the next move from both sides.

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