AEW Appearance: Rick Ross Indifferent If Trouble Brews Over His Comments

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray, hosts of AEW Dynamite on Busted Open Radio, had a wild time on their set recently, with Rick Ross as the subject of focus, but apparently had no clue what would follow next.

Rozay himself, their subject of focus, surprisingly phoned in. He didn’t care much for the duo and what they had to say about him on their set.

Bully wanted to know if AEW gave Ross a template on what to say, and the rapper clarified that he is his own man, the biggest boss in the world, and no one can tell him what to say. He said it was a gift for him to be there, and he loves AEW.

He also insists that Keith Lee is a “motherfucker.” Clearly, that wasn’t his opinion in the beginning. But it appeared like Keith cha he’d so badly and so much in his estimation that he had to share his mind about the man.

His verdict isn’t something that might please Keith, of course. But then he had said his mind —let the world know he is the biggest boss in the world. And he doesn’t care much for the opinions peddled about him.

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