Shallipopi Thrills Fans With Two New Singles, ‘Things On Things’ And ‘Oscroh (Pepperline)’

Shallipopi, the king of Steez and a Nigerian singer-songwriter, has released explosive new tracks. This time, though, it’s a double delight. ‘Things on Things’ and ‘Oscroh (Pepperline),’ two of Shallipopi’s most recent songs, demonstrate his exceptional musical aptitude and ability to encapsulate modern Nigerian street music’s spirit. With his unique blend of afrobeats and hip-hop, Shallipopi effortlessly brings a captivating sound to the Nigerian music scene. “Things on Things” showcases his infectious energy and catchy hooks, while “Oscroh (Pepperline)” mesmerizes listeners with its irresistible rhythm and wordplay. These tracks solidify Shallipopi’s position as a trailblazer in the industry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he has in store next.

Known as the one and only “Pluto Presido,” Shallipopi continues to prove his remarkable talent and influence in the music business with these new albums. He is in his conceited mode on Things on Things, praising himself brashly and shamelessly. With songs like “When I fall in, squad dey co-ordinate,” Shallipopi makes a name for himself in the music industry. The artistically stunning music video for this song, masterfully directed by George Guise, enhances the overall experience for the viewer by adding a visual dimension to the song’s narrative.

Likewise, Oscroh (Pepperline) emulates Things on Things, with Shallipopi carrying on with his extravagant self-celebration. This song illuminates the singer’s life and experiences by delving into an affluent and lavish lifestyle story. It offers a peek into the opulent and prosperous world that Shallipopi has made for himself through perseverance.

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