Tyla Becomes Most Streamed South African Artist; Hits 10M Monthly Listeners On Spotify

The music radar on the African continent has continued to increase as its stars push their African sound. On Spotify, Tyla has attained the landmark of 10 million monthly listeners. Tyla, the pop princess of South Africa, created a sensation with her globally popular song, Water. On TikTok, this viral song immediately became well-liked and a hot dancing competition. As “Water” gained momentum, it eventually earned a place in Spotify’s esteemed Top 40 global ranking. According to the African folder, Tyla has already surpassed 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, becoming the first South African singer to do so.

Since its release in July, Water, a fusion of afrobeats and amapiano, has inspired over 570 thousand users of the TikTok app to copy its dance motions. Popiano, a distinctive fusion of pop music and amapiano, is the term the 21-year-old vocalist has given to her musical genre. Tyla is released on the Epic Records label in association with the Fax Records imprint, co-managed by We Make Music and the Africa Creative Agency and has offices in Johannesburg and New York. The international record label has worked with performers like Fifth Harmony, Future, and French Montana. According to Charts Africa, water is now ranked second on the top 10 Billboard US Afrobeats singles chart. The well-known South African music phenomenon has also launched the official music video for this popular song.

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