Halle Bailey Dazzles During Paris Fashion Week

Halle Bailey is looking stunning during Paris Fashion Week. There may be many celebrities in attendance, but Halle stands out. The actress and singer was spotted at the Ami Alexandre Mattiussi men’s fashion show. The Little Mermaid star, 23, wore a sophisticated all-grey suit.

An oversized blazer, a matching blouse, and high-waisted flared trousers completed the look. Halle also added some height with her black stiletto heels. Halle’s appearance was completed with drop earrings adorned with stunning pearls. Halle’s makeup matched her attire perfectly. It has a glamorous palette of several goods.

Sparkling eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and a strong plum lip gloss graced her face. Furthermore, the actress’s hair was flawless as always. The gorgeous image was enhanced by her immaculate dreadlocks falling over her shoulders and chest.

Halle Bailey Dazzles During Paris Fashion Week, Yours Truly, News, December 11, 2023

Halle Bailey has gotten a lot of attention since her debut as Ariel in the remake of The Little Mermaid. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has the highest fan rating among live-action Disney films. It currently has a 95% approval rating based on over 5,000 ratings. Despite the initial controversy over Halle’s casting, the film did extremely well at the box office.

Furthermore, it debuted as number one in the United States with an estimated $118 million during Memorial Day weekend. Halle’s casting is likely to have had a significant impact on the film’s popularity.

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