Whitemoney Issues Warning To Concerned Netizens; “Stop Sending Account Numbers To Me”

Star of Big Brother Naija, Whitemoney, has warned anyone forwarding his account information. Declaring that he is not an accountant, the reality TV star revealed that he is now afraid to read his direct messages because of people pleading with him for money. Whitemoney clarified that he could not accommodate everyone’s demands and voiced his concern about the growing number of people approaching him for financial support. Regarding financial support, he pleaded with his supporters to be aware of his constraints and to respect them.

Whitemoney said the people sending him these messages should understand that their lives are ongoing, even if the year is almost over. He said he was terrified to check his direct messages because he always sees what he expects to see—account numbers as messages. Whitemoney claims that some people are giving away N1 million or N2 million online because their lives are going well. In addition to taking on an increasing number of family obligations, the reality star makes every effort to perform his giveaway offline. In closing, he stated that he is not an accountant and that it would not bother him if Nigerians also gave him money for Christmas.

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