Orezi Issues A Warning About Massive Rigging, Advises Nigerians Not To Be Fooled

Popular Nigerian musician Esegine Orezi Allen, also known as Orezi, has cautioned Nigerians not to become excessively enthused or carried away by the preliminary results from various polling places around the nation. In a post on his Instagram account, the artist urged them to wait for the official results from INEC and claimed that there were plots to rig the polls. Orezi urged Nigerians to withstand the alleged widespread rigging while speaking out against it.

The singer said the tribe in power would go to any length to hold onto the authority. He emphasized that there was a “massive rigging” going on. He also mentioned that there were too many errors from INEC, unprofessionalism, and insecurity of votes. He reported that some “INEC Reps” at a polling booth in Abuja had made themselves instruments of corruption and electoral misconduct as they stayed in a locked room allegedly thumb-printing illegally.

The singer went ahead to touch on the irregularities that go on, especially in the northern region of the country, where there is always an abundance of underage voters and many cases of one person possessing five different PVCs. Orezi prays the nation survives the intense rigging as votes throughout the country are being collated. He ended the lengthy post by saying, “the north is coming,” but are they?

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