Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin & Popular Questions

Kevin Gates’ Basic Information

Stage Name: Kevin Gates
Real Name: Kevin Jerome Gilyard
Occupation: Rapper and entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 5 February 1986 (38) Years Old
Place of Birth: New Orleans, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married (to Dreka Gates)
Education: Baton Rouge Community College
Height: 6 feet and 2 inches
Net Worth: 2 million (estimated)

Kevin Gates’ Biography

“I’m the drug,” said Kevin Gates, speaking during a recent interview and addressing issues of possible drug use. He was probably not in earnest when he made that statement, but his core fans would say he’s correct – after all, they’re hooked on his music. And his music is him.

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, long famous by the adopted Kevin Gates, is an American rapper and entrepreneur. Born in New Orleans, the champ’s interest in music dates back to when he was pretty young, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he actually stamped his feet out there as a rapper.

Since then, he has put out many numbers, some of which have charted on Billboard. Beyond the music, the songster also has his eyes open, snapping business opportunities as they come. He stands out the most for his music, however.

Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

2005 was a critical year for the songster as it marked the moment he signed a deal with Dead Game Record and got on the pedestal that would propel him to the famous voice he is today. Since then. He’s flirted with and signed with other record labels, further boosting his presence in America’s music universe.

At this point in his career, it is hard to discuss American music without somehow mentioning his name – a testament to how far he has progressed as a musician.


Public records show Kevin Gates has a daughter named Islah Koren Gates and a son, Khaza Kamil Gates – in that order.

Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024


Kevin Gates might be a Muslim, but he appears comfortable with having just one wife: Dreka Gates. The couple got married in 2015 and have sired two kids since.

Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024


Kevin Gates is infamous for having sexual relationships with his cousin. And while they no longer see each other, they remain good friends, according to him.

The relationship was more of an accident, according to him, speaking in an interview with Yung Miami. He’d already slept with her. And then he’d taken her to his mother, who took him aside and let him know they were cousins. He never knew that before them.

SO, this shouldn’t be much of an issue, especially now that he found out and he’s no longer with the said cousin.

Is Kevin Gates still married?

Yes, Kevin Gates is still married – at the time of writing, anyway. The couple has had challenges in their relationship, including rumours of the “Bad For Me” rapper cheating on her, but the two have managed to stick together.

Is Kevin Gates a billionaire?

Not really. Kevin Hates is a millionaire and not a billionaire just yet. Billionaire musicians are very few, and Gates is not one of them.

How did Kevin Gates get rich?

Through his music and his entrepreneurial spirit. Besides stopping the bars, the songster has other businesses, including owning a record label and an energy drink company.

Why did Kevin Gates change his name?

He changed his name, according to him, to avoid brand confusion following his decision to leave one record label for another. Previously, he was known as K. Gates. Now, He’s Kelvin Gates.

Did Dreka and Kevin Gates split?

In June, the New Orleans rapper released new music suggesting he’s split from Dreka. But there’s no official confirmation.
Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

What kind of car does Kevin Gates have?

Kevin Gates loves cars and has never hidden that love. Among the cars he owns are a Bentley Bentayga S, a Lamborghini Urus, a McLaren 570S and a Corvette C7 Z206, which happens to be the cheapest car in his collection.

What drugs Kevin Gates do?

He would personally say “espresso,” which in reality isn’t a drug. In an interview, he’d called himself clean.

What did Kevin say about Beyonce?

He indicated in the lyrics of one of his songs that he’s totally into her. The lyrics read, verbatim: “Don’t know if they into swingin’, Beyoncé need to let me hit her. Make her p**s all on this d**k, respectfully, her body shiver.”
In an interview, he even noted that he could drink Beyonce’s urine.

What is Dreka real name?

Dreka’s real name is Shadreka Centuri Haynes.

Who is Kevin Gates married to?

Kevin Gates is married to Dreka Gates (nee Haynes). The couple got married in 2015. She’s the booking manager for her husband. The two have had their challenges in marriage but have managed to stick together.

Who was Mazi to Kevin Gates?

Yung Mazi was part of Kevin Gates’ BWA crew. He was shot and killed at the age of 31.

Does Kevin Gates have a kid?

Yes, Kevin Gates has kids. Kevin Gates is publicly known to have two kids, a daughter named Islah Koren Gates and a son named Khaza Kamil Gates. However, in an interview with Complex, the songster had indicated he had other children. But he gave no clue how many or with whom he had them.

When did Kevin Gates start rapping?

Kevin Gates started rapping back in 2007. He’s been pretty consistent since.

Are Kevin Gates concerts safe?

Kevin Gates concerts are safe as there are usually security measures in place.

Are Kevin Gates and Bill Gates related?

No, Kevin Gates is not related to Bill Gates. People often wonder if they are related, and that’s only because of the “Gates” part of Kevin’s name. He adopted the name, which wasn’t what he was given at birth.

Are Kevin Gates and Moneybagg Yo related?

Kevin Gates and Moneybagg Yo are not related. The two are pretty close pals, however, and great collaborators. The “Federal Pressure” song is still a fan favourite.

And because of the bond they share, some fans imagine they’re related. The two are merely associated by music.

Can Kevin Gates speak Spanish?

Yes, Kevin Gates Can Speak Spanish. It so happens to be one of the languages he’s conversant with.

Can Kevin Gates come to Canada?

Yes, Kevin Gates can go to Canada. He has, after all, not been barred from visiting the country. There’s no Canada trip scheduled at the moment, however. The songster is gearing to tour the United States in what has been dubbed the BigLyfe Tour.

Can Kevin Gates speak Arabic?

Kevin Gates is of Moroccan and Puerto Rican descent, and he can speak Arabic. a video of him speaking the language is available below:

Did Kevin Gates get a BBL?

There have been rumours that Kevin Gates got a BBL. Last we checked, those have not moved out of the realm of speculations. And given that the rapper is a public figure, the rumours are expected to swirl sporadically.

Did Kevin Gates go to college?

Yes, the rapper did attend college. He went to the Baton Rouge Community College. In his own words, he attended the institution for a while shortly after returning home from prison.
Kevin Gates Biography: Kids, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Cousin &Amp; Popular Questions, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

Does Kevin Gates have a twin brother?

Kevin Gates has a younger brother, but they are not twins.

Does Kevin Gates own a Starbucks?

There’s no evidence that the rapper owns a Starbucks. The reference was apparently to a post he made in 2012. Apparently, he was at Starbucks to unwind after a long day – or so his tweet below suggested.

Does Kevin Gates live in Mississippi?

Yes, Kevin Gates resides in the Summit Area of Mississippi.

Does Kevin Gates have any siblings?

Yes, Kelvin gates has a sibling, a bloke named Brandon Gilyard. Unlike his rapper brother, Brandon Gilyard has managed to stay away from the limelight. Reliable records about him are hard to come by.

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