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Shaggy Basic Information

Stage Name: Shaggy
Real Name: Orville Richard Burrell
Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Actor, and Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 22 October, 1968 (55 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica
Gender: Male
Nationality: Jamaican American
Marital Status: Married
  • Erasmus Hall High, Brooklyn, New York
  • Pratt Institute
  • U.S. Marines
Height: 5Ft 11In
Net Worth: $14 M

Shaggy Biography

Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

Richard Burrell, born on October 22, 1968, in Kingston, attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York, and later won a scholarship to Pratt Institute for Art and Design. He also served in the US Marines for four years during the Desert Storm operation.

When he was 18, he relocated to New York City with his mother. Shaggy joined the United States Marine Corps in 1988 and was assigned the MOS of 0811 (Field Artillery Cannon Crewman). During the Persian Gulf War, he was part of a Field Artillery Battery in the 10th Marine Regiment. Shaggy attained the rank of lance corporal but was demoted twice. Interestingly, he honed his “toasting” voice in the Marine Corps. Upon discharge, he pursued a music career, eventually releasing his first hit single ‘Oh Carolina.’ This song was a cover of the Folkes Brothers’ 1958 track.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

He is of Jamaican ancestry but also identifies as an American



Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

He is the son of Clinton Burrell and Lorraine Miller. His mother worked as a medical secretary.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

There isn’t very detailed information about his siblings, but it is alleged that he has siblings with his younger sister, Gwen.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

Shaggy and his longtime partner Rebecca Packer are happily married. They married on July 12, 2014, after 16 years of dating. The wedding was celebrated in Jamaica’s Oracabessa, near Goldeneye. Rebecca Packer is a half-Irish, half-Jamaican native of Dundalk. She is a video and film art director. The charity concert with Shaggy and Friends is also co-produced by Rebecca.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

When he was 18 years old, he moved to New York. He made his musical debut with the rhythm “Man A Mi Yard,” followed by songs like “Bullet Proof Buddy.” Due to his terrible poverty, his career was abruptly interrupted when he had to enlist in the US Marines. Due to this, he ended up in the thick of the Gulf War in Iraq. After achieving the rank of Lance Corporal, he retired a few years later.
He has a name similar to the Shaggy character from the well-known kids’ cartoon “Scooby Doo.” Shaggy picked up singing again when he was discharged from the military. He rose to fame with the song “Oh Carolina,” a version of a John Folkes tune in 1958 made famous by the Folkes Brothers. ‘Pure Pleasure,’ his debut album, was released in 1993, and the song was also made into the album’s first single. ‘Nice and Lovely,’ another big single from the album, peaked at number 10 on the New Zealand Music Chart.
Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024
1994 saw the release of his second album, “Original Doberman.” It wasn’t very successful. But his third album, “Boombastic,” was a significant hit and peaked at 34 on the US Billboard 200. Boombastic reached its highest point at number one on the UK Singles Chart and three on the US Billboard Hot 100. Later, it was featured in the movies “Barnyard” and “Mr. Bean’s Holiday.” It garnered a million plus sales in the US and was named the Best Reggae Album by the Grammys. One of Shaggy’s most influential and popular albums is “Boombastic,” his third studio album.
Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024
Midnite Lover, his fourth album, was a commercial failure in 1997. It contained songs like “My Dream” and “Tender Love.” The former was also nominated for a Razzie Award for “Worst Song.” With the release of his fifth album, “Hot Shot,” in 2000, he experienced success once more. It was at the top of the US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart. It also made it onto the charts in several other nations, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Canada.
Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024
The subsequent albums by Shaggy were “Lucky Day,” released in 2002, and “Clothes Drop,” released in 2005. The latter received a Grammy nomination in the “Best Reggae Album” category. Over the following several years, he put out several albums, including “Intoxication” (2007), “Shaggy & Friends” (2011), “Summer in Kingston” (2011), “Rise” (2012), and “Out of Many, One Music” (2013). He also has a joint album put out with Sting.
Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024
He made his screen debut in Anthony Hickox’s action comedy “Blast,” which he starred in. Eddie Griffin, Vivica A. Fox, Breckin Meyer, and Joel Pollak were among the actors who starred in it. He made a cameo appearance in the action comedy movie “Game Over, Man!” some years later, in 2018. In the years that followed, he had roles in films like Money Train (1995), No Time to Die (2021), and Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997).
Shaggy and Friendz is a project he founded, which he donates to charitable organizations. Through the endeavor, he has given more than $1 million to the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Jamaica. He also provided hospital supplies and machinery.

Net Worth

Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

He is said to have an estimated $14 million net worth.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

From owning/inheriting his uncle’s “Ford Escort” in 1984 to buying his own Toyota Celica in 88′, Shaggy has been known to own luxury vehicles that also include a BMW 5 Series, a Porshe 911 GT2, a Bentley Continental GTC, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class Cabriolet, and a Porsche Cayenne.


Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

He has residences in Miami and Jamaica. He previously remarked to the Independent, “In Jamaica, I have a very traditional home, colonial style, we’re talking huge windows, wooden floors, and 11 bathrooms.”

Shaggy, Yours Truly, Artists, February 24, 2024

The Florida, Miami residence is in the posh Cocoplum neighborhood of Coral Gables. The 1980s-era 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath home has a chef’s kitchen, a two-car garage, a pool, a courtyard, a garden, and a built-in BBQ. It also has a built-in BBQ. According to an article in the LA Times, Shaggy paid $2.15 million for his new home in Coral Gables, one of Miami’s most expensive districts. He is rumored to own additional properties around the world.

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