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Best 13 Free Movie Streaming Sites

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Who doesn’t love snacking on popcorn and sipping drinks while enjoying a great movie from their living room? And when those movies are free, the experience is even better. But unfortunately, with so much entertainment content online, from classic films to newly released movies and popular TV shows, it cannot be easy to find reliable and trustworthy free movie streaming sites.

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Watching your favorite movie without spending money is a joy, which is why free streaming websites are so popular. However, it’s important to remember that copyright and licensing agreements have legal implications. Although watching movies or TV shows for free isn’t illegal, violating copyright policies is. As such, its users need to be responsible when accessing free streaming websites. Since many unofficial sites can contain malicious content and malware, it’s recommended that users use a VPN for safe streaming.

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024


It can be overwhelming to search for streaming sites as not all of them are trustworthy and secure. For this reason, we have compiled a list of recommended options that will satisfy movie enthusiasts and those looking to stream content. Check out this article to discover some of the top sites worth trying.

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Discover the vast collection of free movies and TV shows available for streaming on Tubi. While some titles may require rental fees, most are free. With a variety of genres and collections to choose from, including “Only Free on Tubi,” “Black Cinema,” “Movie Night,” “Cult Classics,” “K-Drama+,” and “Bollywood Dreams,” there’s something for everyone. Also, don’t miss out on popular titles featured in the “Leaving Soon” and “Trending Now” sections.

Tubi Kids is an excellent section on this website for streaming kid-friendly movies. You can easily access it from the top of the website, and it offers categories for preschoolers and older children, such as Toon TV, LEGO, Animé, and Friendly Monsters films. Furthermore, you can set parental controls through the website to ensure safe viewing. Most movies have high-quality visuals and subtitles available, although it’s noteworthy that movies and shows are not separated.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

You are aware of YouTube, right? Well, YouTube offers more than simply the newest movie trailers, dog skateboarding videos, and films of Indian guys digging pools in the woods. They also provide hundreds of free movies for you to watch. From the Movies & TV area, YouTube’s curated collection of recent and well-liked films is available in a single, simple-to-scroll-through list. In addition, you can see some movie studios’ full-length movies for free on these channels.

Here, movies are rated by real viewers who can leave comments and reviews, and most movies have subtitles. One downside is that most movies aren’t in HD and are often taken down without notice – don’t forget the ads between watching videos, as is familiar with the platform.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

There are thousands of movies available on Vudu that you may watch right now, even though it might not be your first choice when seeking free places to stream movies. Just endure a few ads, and you’re done. These movies can be sorted by release date or genre, with the most popular criteria being most seen. Action, comedy, crime, romance, and other genres are available because they are the most common.

This movie website stands out for having a single page to browse new movies for every genre and its other unique features. Each category is listed on the New Releases page, making browsing the freshly added movies simple. You shouldn’t miss the “Most Watched Movies,” “Critically Acclaimed,” “Hidden Gems,” and “Big Time Movie Stars” sections of the website, too. Each segment has a few hundred videos.

The fact that some of the movies on Vudu are in 1080p is fantastic since it means you don’t have to give up quality to view some free movies. When you choose a movie to view, you might be given a choice to buy or rent it, but if you find it on one of the free pages, there will be a button you can click to stream the film without paying. Of course, you may purchase movies here as well.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

One of the oldest websites offering free movie streaming is AZMovies. Like high-end streaming websites, it has a polished and professional appearance. In addition, the website has an interactive menu that improves user experience and a well-organized library.

Additionally, AZMovies promises a great library of films accessible on a high-quality streaming service, including 1080p and 720p. In its library, you can find both recent bestsellers and classics. Amazingly, you can locate practically all movies beginning in 1948. The website is designed for movie fans and features over 70 categories, including Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, War-based, and many others. This website is one of the most popular due to its daily updates with new releases. The website also has a particular area called “Featured” that lists the year’s top films. Additionally, users can ask for movies that are not available right now.

Many people will appreciate how simple it is to use the movie search engine on AZ Movies to find the movies you’re looking for. Notably, the site only offers movies; there are no TV episodes; the commercials can be grating, and part of the content is hosted illegally, as with most free sites.

Disney+ Hotstar

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Did you know that Disney+ Hotstar in India offers more content than its US counterpart, Disney+? You can even watch selected Bollywood movies for free without creating an account.

The advertisements on Hotstar are not too intrusive, and the website interface is decent. However, it can be challenging to identify which movies are free. While most Indian films can be streamed without charge, a premium subscription is required for Hollywood blockbusters.

If you use Hotstar India without a paid subscription, you may face the video resolution cap, limiting your streaming quality to low definition (360p) on Google Chrome. To avoid this inconvenience, we suggest you switch to Safari browser, which offers an impressive picture quality 1080p. However, accessing Hotstar through a VPN may be challenging as most VPNs fail to bypass its strict blocks. ExpressVPN with an ‘India via Singapore’ server is a reliable option for watching Hotstar outside of India, but do keep in mind that Hotstar has one of the most challenging VPN blocks among free streaming sites.

Rakuten Viki

Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Viki is a famous American streaming platform that focuses on offering Asian entertainment. It boasts an impressive monthly visitor count of over 30 million. In addition to free movies from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan, users can opt for a premium subscription.

Streaming from Viki is possible without creating or signing up for an account. The website has a professional layout but lacks the feature to filter by free movies. Consequently, you have to search through the library to find them manually.

Viki offers high-quality streaming, but some users desire Full HD movie options. Compared to other free sites, Viki has fewer ads – just one per mid-roll break. It’s important to note that Viki can detect ad blockers, so turn yours off before streaming. Additionally, Viki is only available in the US, so a VPN is necessary for those outside the country. Based on tests, NordVPN is the only VPN that works with Viki. Although Viki is an excellent platform for Asian movie fans with limited ads, it has some drawbacks. The maximum resolution is 720p, anti-VPN geo-blocks can be challenging, there is an ad blocker detection system, and free movies cannot filter the library.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Did you know that Redbox offers more than just DVD rentals? They also have free movie streams accessible through their website and mobile app. In addition, Redbox provides an easy way to discover the most popular movies and which titles will soon depart the platform.

Redbox’s collection of free movies can be conveniently sorted by genre, including dramas, kid movies, romance films, and comedies, making it easy to find the perfect movie to watch. In addition, they offer some unique categories such as “Nic Cage!” and “Faith-Based,” among others. You don’t have to create a user account to enjoy their services, and the platform indicates which titles are leaving soon while supporting “resume watching.” However, it’s worth noting that genre lists cannot be sorted and have only limited unique categories available.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Crackle is one of the top websites to watch free movies online since it provides access to hundreds of full-length movies at any time, including original programming. These films have well-known actors and famous names. It supports high-quality video.

These top-tier films will dazzle you on any screen, big or small. While you may encounter a handful of brief commercial interruptions during a full-length feature, they are infrequent and unobtrusive. Closed captions can be easily activated via the video player for all viewers. However, signing up for a free account unlocks additional features, such as parental controls (with options for kids, teens, and adults). Unfortunately, the platform does not rank films by popularity and is only accessible in the US and its territories unless you utilize a VPN.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Plex is a fascinating service that offers much more than one might expect at first glance. Along with free full-length movies, it provides TV shows, podcasts, live TV, and software that acts as a media server within your home. In addition, almost all films have subtitles, and users can create a queue for effortless, leisurely viewing.

Explore the vast collection of over 20,000 free movies and shows, grouped into classic genres such as action and crime. Additionally, you can browse by actor or channel, such as BBC, Crackle, Popsy, Lionsgate, and Maverick Black Cinema. The unique categories, including Crime Time and Cheap Thrills, add to the diverse selection. Detailed information on each movie’s watch page, such as the complete cast list, reviews, and trailers, help you make an informed decision. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch movies leaving the platform soon.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Kanopy sets itself apart from other free movie-streaming websites by requiring a valid library card or university login for access. The movies are commercial-free, and new additions are made every month. A dedicated section for Kanopy kids’ films and parental controls can also be set up to ensure age-appropriate content.

To access thousands of movies on Kanopy, visit their signup page and search for your library, whether it’s a public or school library. Once approved, you can start streaming movies directly on their website. In addition, Kanopy offers a diverse range of categories like Short Film, History – Ancient, LGBTQ Cinema, War & Action, Sociology, Performing Arts, Human Rights, Everyday Health, and K-12 Lessons, which you can browse to find the perfect movie.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Have you heard of PopcornFlix? It’s a popular free streaming website that offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows. Since its launch in 2017, the site has grown rapidly and now boasts a collection of over 1500 titles in various genres, including comedy, horror, action, documentaries, and foreign films.

Discovering your next movie is made easy with the homepage’s convenient categories. Popcornflix Spotlight provides general recommendations, while other sections like New on Popcornflix and Trending Now give a quick overview of the latest additions to the site’s film library. In addition, you can find popular movies that viewers are currently enjoying in these sections.

PopcornFlix has specialized sections, including War & Military, Creature Features, Adventure Hour, Disasters, and more, which may vary depending on seasonal holidays and events. The best part is that users can stream movies without creating an account. Visit the website, choose a film, and start streaming. PopcornFlix also has an app that works on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox, Android, and iOS devices. However, the video quality can be improved, as the resolution is unclear, and there is no option to adjust the quality within the video. The movies are not in high definition, but they are still enjoyable to watch. Additionally, the catalog includes fewer movies than TV shows.


Free Movie Streaming Sites, Yours Truly, Articles, April 20, 2024

Filmzie offers a wide selection of movies from independent filmmakers and small and large studios, which can be streamed on their well-designed site and app. With many excellent titles, users can easily save their preferred movies to a “Watch Later” list.

Ensure not to miss out on the “Last Chance to Watch” category on the website, which displays all the titles about to be removed. Additionally, there are unique collections that are not commonly found on other movie websites, such as “Top Rated on IMDb,” “Undiscovered Gems,” “Independent Cinema,” “Critically Acclaimed,” “Directed By Women,” “Asia’s Top Cinema,” and “Cuddle-Up Comedies,” among others. Moreover, over 20 traditional genres, including drama and thriller, are also available. You can also find trending, new, and most-watched movies in their respective sections. You can enjoy watching these movies via a web browser or the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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