How To Borrow Airtime Credit & Data From Airtel In Nigeria

Airtel Extra Credit

Airtime Credit & Data

In Nigeria, the Airtel Extra Credit program allows qualifying prepaid users to borrow airtime and data when they are most needed. This article will lead you through the eligibility, borrowing, and payback procedures for airtime and data.

Requirements for Eligibility:

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Airtel Extra Credit:

  • You must be a prepaid customer with a registered SIM card.
  • You must have a SIM card that is at least two months old.
  • Actively recharge and use your line monthly for an average of N200.
  • Have no outstanding loans or levies.

Airtel Extra Credit Plan:

Borrowed airtime is priced between NGN 25 to NGN 2,000, with comparable net credited quantities and equivalent repayment values.

The table below summarizes the borrowed airtime quantities (in Nigerian Naira) via the Airtel Extra Credit service, the net credited amounts received after deducting the 15% service charge, and the needed repayment amounts.

Borrowed Airtime (NGN) Net Credited Amount (NGN) Repayment Sum (NGN)
25 20 25
50 42.5 50
100 85 100
200 170 200
500 425 500
1,000 850 1,000
2,000 1,700 2,000

How to Borrow Airtel Credit:

  • Dial the Airtel borrow code: 500Amount of desired airtime
  • You will receive an email confirming your request is being processed if you are eligible.
  • The borrowed amount will be credited to your account, with a 15% service charge deducted.

How to Borrow Airtel Data:

  • Dial *500#
  • To borrow data, respond with 3.
  • Choose the data bundle that best fits your needs, ranging from 10MB to 1TB.
  • Your data plan of choice will be enabled.

Paying Back Airtel Credit or Data:

Recharge your line with the borrowed money, and Airtel will deduct the borrowed amount automatically.

The Airtel Extra Credit service provides a convenient option to borrow airtime and data when you are short on funds or unable to enroll in another plan. You remain eligible for future use. Make sure you refund the borrowed amount.

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