AUR And ZAYN’s Collaboration: Bridging Borders With “Tu hai kahan”

Rising Stars of South Asian Music: A Global Fusion

South Asia’s music scene is rapidly transforming into a global sensation, propelled by emerging talents and a fervent fan base. This surge in popularity is marked by the international acclaim of Pakistani group AUR, highlighted by their hit “Tu hai kahan.” Today marks a significant milestone as the song is re-released in a collaborative effort with international music sensation ZAYN. This new version features a blend of AUR’s evocative lyrics and ZAYN’s seamless Hindi rendition of the chorus. The release, coinciding with ZAYN’s birthday, signifies his personal connection to South Asian melodies.Aur And Zayn'S Collaboration: Bridging Borders With &Quot;Tu Hai Kahan&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

In 2023, AUR’s “Tu hai kahan” captivated listeners across South Asia, garnering immense streaming numbers and topping Spotify’s charts in India, Pakistan, and globally. Accompanying the release is a music video offering a glimpse into the lives of both artists, including ZAYN’s creative process in his home studio and AUR’s everyday life in Karachi.

Comprising Ahad, Usama, and Raffey, AUR expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership: “This collaboration transcends musical boundaries. ‘Tu hai kahan’ holds a special place in our hearts, and ZAYN’s involvement has been surreal. Our goal is to put Pakistani music on the global map, and we’re thrilled to share our sound with the world.”

Echoing this sentiment, ZAYN remarked, “Joining AUR for ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ was an honor. I’ve added my personal touch to the song, and I’m eager for everyone to experience our collective effort.”

This groundbreaking collaboration represents a significant moment for Pakistan’s evolving music industry, now reaching a wider audience in South Asia. The release, managed by US-based indie D36 and Sony Music Entertainment, Middle East, reflects D36’s commitment to elevating South Asian music and Sony Music Middle East’s role in nurturing Pakistan’s burgeoning music ecosystem, aiming to connect their stories with a global audience.


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