BBNaija All-Stars 2023: Whitemoney, Other Housemates Accuse Ilebaye Of Playing Mind Games Following Fight

The housemates have now recognized Ilebaye’s true colours. Whitemoney and the Big Brother Naija veterans have confidently stated their opinions regarding Ilebaye’s behaviour. Whitemoney pointed out that the house enabled Ilebaye’s premeditated actions during their fight last night.

Neo shared his regret over Ilebaye being the cause of issues between him and Tolanibaj before her eviction while speaking with Whitemoney and Soma. According to him,

“For the how many weeks I have been in this house, I haven’t see that thing. Tolani was making me see the same thing, that was why me and Tolani were always having issues… She go dey tell me sey, this your nice guy, you don’t know what it’s doing”.

It’s surprising to hear Neo’s comments because he and Baye seemed to grow closer after Tolanibaj’s eviction. Last night, during the pool party, they were spotted laughing and rocking each other in a display of affection. According to Cee-C, Ilebaye’s behaviour has reverted to her previous demeanour at the start of BBNaija All-Stars. She confidently attributed Ilebaye’s current attitude to her in-depth knowledge of Criminology from the University course she took.

In her words,

“Since she won that super commando she has gone back to that Ilebaye of the first week…. You see that babe do you know what she studied? Criminology… That girl knows how to play fucking mind games”.

Ike attributed her behaviour to alcohol consumption and blamed it on her character.

 “She normally goes like Angel, one after the other, especially when she drinks. She is a good girl but when she drinks”.

After the pool party last night, Ilebaye accused Whitemoney of blocking her from using the music set that Big Brother provided for the wager. She claimed that Whitemoney would not have prevented her from using it if it was another BBNaija All-Star housemate and that he was only doing it because it was her. During an argument, Ilebaye was crying and screaming, which made Whitemoney insist that she was only trying to draw attention. He defended himself by stating that Ilebaye’s claims were false, as he had been helping her with the music set during the day. Ilebaye’s recent behaviour has put off both the housemates and the viewers. Although she has gained a lot of support, it remains to be seen if she genuinely plays mind games with everyone.

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