BBNaija All-Stars 2023: Whitemoney Left Shocked Over Poor Hygiene Of ‘Rich Housemates’; Takes Swipe

Fans have been discussing the drama emanating from the BBNaija All-Stars House on social media for several weeks, and Whitemoney has added yet more gist for the TL. Whitemoney, a well-liked housemate, expressed his shock and dismay at the lack of hygiene displayed by his other competitors. Fans and viewers were similarly shocked by the reality star’s honest concerns about the general unkemptness in the Big Brother house.

Bbnaija All-Stars 2023: Whitemoney Left Shocked Over Poor Hygiene Of ‘Rich Housemates’; Takes Swipe, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

Whitemoney and fellow housemate Frodd were seen talking in a recent trending video. The two talk about the disturbing level of cleanliness—or lack thereof—on the property. The significant quantity of mess that had amassed in the house and the fact that it was mostly the work of his fellow housemates puzzled Whitemoney, who showed his disbelief in a shocked manner.

Whitemoney complains that, despite some contestants’ claims to be standards of cleanliness, the truth is very different from their statements. He now doubts the veracity of his housemates’ cleanliness standards due to the filthy surroundings within the Big Brother house. The reality show’s viewers and followers have since shared their thoughts on the footage on various social media platforms, with many expressing surprise. Otheconverselyhand, they assert that they are not surprised and even point fingers.


In response to Whitemoney’s surprise, Frodd shares his opinion. He offers a perspective that can help to clarify the situation: according to Frodd, wealthy individuals are not usually associated with immaculate cleanliness. He argues that those who make the most substantial claims about their hygienic practices may not necessarily uphold them, noting the perception that wealthy people may disregard some aspects of cleanliness. Frodd also points out that this perception could stem from the fact that wealthy individuals often have staff to take care of their cleaning needs, which may lead to a disconnect between their habits and the cleanliness of their surroundings. He suggests that it is important not to judge solely based on appearances and to consider the underlying factors contributing to these perceptions.

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