BBTitans: Yemi Cregx Tells Khosi They Should Just Stay Friends, Breaking Her Heart

Big Brother Titans housemates Yemi Cregx and Khosi have been in the eye of the reality show’s buzz for a minute now and have popped up again, this time for a not-so-mushy reason. Yemi, the fashion model and influencer representing Nigeria, sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation with Khosi, a South African housemate, to hash some things out. As seen from footage from the show, both housemates nestled next to each other on a couch in Big Brother’s house to discuss their acquaintanceship.

In the calm voice of a gentleman, Yemi told Khosi he would want them to be just friends. This visibly dampened Khosi’s countenance and demeanor as she bowed her head while Yemi spoke. To appear unaffected, Khosi later raised her head with a reply fo Cregx, informing him that they should be housemates instead. She added that Yemi rolling with her does not bar him from socializing and mingling as she had no qualms with it, so it seemed. But you could tell she was only masking the hurt brewing inside.

Their convo comes after they had shared a kiss on two different occasions and too early! The first was under the covers, and the next was in the laundry room. But, of course, hearing those words come from an eye candy like Cregx would sting, especially since Khosi already had a thing for Nigerian men.

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