BBTitans Housemates Khosi And Thabang Kiss And Social Media Goes Crazy

Khosi Twala and Thabang Mazibuko, a South African pair, have been getting closer and recently exchanged a kiss. Millions of conversations have started as a result of the viral moment. Khosi recently jumped into the arms of Thabang, 21, less than two weeks after her initial love interest, Yemi Cregx was kicked out of the house. On the night of March 15, 2023, Khosi and Thabang shared a kiss and ignited social media.

The two have always been close, even when Yemi Cegx, Khosi’s romantic interest, stayed at the house. Yemi was previously enraged by Khosi’s suggestion that they have an open relationship because she wanted to keep meeting Thabang. However, sadly, in the show’s seventh episode, Yemi and Nelisa were eliminated. Khosi and Thabang slowly reconnected after Khosi was kicked out.

Fans have been speculating about when they will get skin-tight as their romance has grown stronger recently. Khosi and Thabang finally accomplished what everyone saw coming and kissed eleven days after Yemi Cregx’s elimination. Laying next to each other and nestled in each other’s arms, they shared a passionate but somewhat brief kiss before Thabang pulled away.

As expected, the eagerly awaited lip-locking drew several reactions from fans online, with some dropping memes and poking fun at Yemi, who would be watching the intimate moment outside the house. One user thought Thabang was only an opportunist taking advantage of Khosi. But we believe it could also be another case of the heart wanting what it wants. Check out a few fan reactions below.

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