Once More, Yemi Cregx And Khosi Lock Lips And Cause A Social Media Stir

Big Brother Titans housemates Khosi and Yemi Cregx were seen kissing once more in the laundry room. The pair made history by becoming the first two housemates to kiss each other during this season of Big Brother Titans. Although Khosi professes to be in a meaningful relationship outside the house, their relationship is still undefined. This happened less than 72 hours after the show began.

Given their constant warmth toward one another, it is clear that they have a certain amount of affection for each other. As you may remember, the show premiered on Sunday, January 15th, with 20 housemates competing for $100,000. Before this new kiss shared by Yemi and Khosi, they had locked lips under 48 hours or less after the show kicked off, and viewers are ‘shipping’ them as expected.

The two housemates were caught after lights out stealing a kiss under the duvet of the bed on which they lay. Both kisses, though, appear pretty brief, probably applying some self-restraint lest they wild out on national TV. This also brings Khosi’s desire to date Nigerian men to life, and Yemi is not letting any opportunity that presents itself slip by. Maybe the fashion influencer could also be into South African ladies, though it looks like they are only enjoying the fleeting mushy moments.

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