Benny The Butcher Announces His Upcoming “Everybody Can’t Go Tour” Alongside Boldy James

In roughly two months, Benny will embark on his “Everybody Can’t Go Tour”. Earlier today, he made this revelation on his social media accounts. Even though a solo Benny tour is thrilling in and of itself, the Buffalo, New York native is traveling to some of the country’s biggest cities alongside a guest.

Boldy James, Griselda’s teammate, will also be tagging along. Considering that he and producer Nicholas Craven both released their record in the same month, it makes perfect sense. On April 16, Benny will formally begin his tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It will go through May 19, with Seattle, Washington, serving as its final destination.

Benny The Butcher Announces His Upcoming &Quot;Everybody Can'T Go Tour&Quot; Alongside Boldy James, Yours Truly, News, February 24, 2024

Tickets can be purchased on his website if you’d like to. Major cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more will be visited by The Butcher. He also released a cool video for his tour.

Hip-hop music had a very active January. After all of the greatness from last month, the dull year of 2023 seemed to have been stripped from everyone’s minds. One of the contributing factors was the release of Benny The Butcher’s latest album, “Everybody Can’t Go.”

He spent the whole of last year hyping it up and, for the most part, delivering. After giving his fans a month or so to fully process the record, Benny is prepared to ramp up the anticipation with this forthcoming tour.

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