Benny The Butcher Addresses Controversial DMX Comments On The Breakfast Club

Benny the Butcher has recently been in the spotlight for his comments regarding the late DMX, which some fans found disrespectful. During a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, he spoke about the situation to clear the air. Benny explained that his remarks were taken out of context and he had no intention of disrespecting DMX in any way. To elaborate, he had written on Twitter in 2022 that he would be releasing the best hip-hop album on Def Jam since DMX’s “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot,” a project released in 1998. Benny clarified that his tweet was not meant to compare himself to DMX in any way and that he holds the late rapper in high regard.

During the interview, Benny also discussed the current state of Griselda, the hip-hop collective he is a part of. He dismissed rumours of a potential breakup and referred to the group as a “family.” Benny acknowledged that Griselda has had its ups and downs but emphasized that they are stronger than ever. Furthermore, Benny spoke about his feud with fellow rapper Freddie Gibbs. He confirmed that he is not interested in reconciling with Gibbs and that their beef is ongoing. Benny expressed that he has no hard feelings towards Gibbs and is focused solely on his music career.

Benny addressed the drama while responding to a Twitter fan calling him out.

“When blogs post sh*t like this they be tryna get a reaction outta yall and yall take they bait cuz yall love to banter on this app,”

“I was speaking on creating a missing feelin in the Def Jam building[.] Can’t wait to drop my sh*t on you nerds who gonna hate either way THE [Butcher] COMIN.”

He said,

“Respect to DMX and his family and all that,”

“But what I meant was, I’m creating a Def Jam moment. These people who get on Twitter and…these blogs post that sh*t to get the reaction. I’m sick of them doing that. I’m sick of all these Internet f*ckin’ weirdos you’ve seen post that picture. Why post that sh*t? To get people talkin’?”

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