Benny The Butcher Unveils Official Tracklist To His Upcoming Album, “Tana Talk 4”

That new Benny The Butcher album arrives this Friday! Joy to all his fans.

For a minute now, Benny The Butcher has been working on his next studio album, Tana Talk 4, and gearing up for its release. This next project, according to the rapper, will be marking his very last release as an independent artist. Time and again, over the years, Benny has proven himself to be a formidable emcee well able to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder with the greats.

He recently secured a record deal with Def Jam, which will help place him on a new pedestal to take his name and legacy in the rap game to even higher heights. Tana Talk 4 will be coming through tonight, with all major song productions done by The Alchemist and Daringer.

Benny revealed the official tracklist for the anticipated project today. TT4 will be housing 12 songs in total with guest features from J. Cole, Diddy, Conway The Machine, and Westside Gunn, alongside some members of Griselda’s extended family.

Take a look at the tracklist below:

  1. Johnny P’s Caddy (feat. J. Cole) [Prod. Alchemist]
  2. Back 2x (feat. Stove God Cooks) [Prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha]
  3. Super Plug [Prod. Alchemist]
  4. Weekends In The Perry’s (feat. Boldy James) [Prod. Alchemist]
  5. 10 More Commandments (feat. Diddy) [Prod. Daringer, Beat Butcha]
  6. Tyson vs. Ali (feat. Conway the Machine) [Prod. Daringer]
  7. Uncle Bun (feat. 38 Spesh) [Prod. Daringer]
  8. Thowy’s Revenge [Prod. Alchemist]
  9. Billy Joe [Prod. Alchemist]
  10. Guerrero (feat. Westside Gunn) [prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha]
  11.  Bust A Brick Nick [prod. Alchemist]
  12. Mr. Chow Hall [Prod. Alchemist]

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