Dolly Parton And A Louisville Illustrator To Collaborate On A New Children’s Book

The upcoming picture book “Billy the Kid Makes it Big” by country music icon Dolly Parton will be illustrated by a Louisville-based artist.

The due date for Parton’s book is quickly approaching, so Mackenzie Haley, a graduate of The University of Dayton and Louisville’s Presentation Academy, is currently working at her home studio. Haley researched the real “Billy the Kid” before writing Parton’s new book after reading the singer’s draft. As a result, the children’s book “Billy, the Kid” was inspired by the dog “Billy the Kid,” not the other way around.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the story’s idea, “Billy the Kid” has his own Instagram feed. Additionally, Parton just debuted her dog clothing brand, “Doggy Parton,” with a portion of sales benefiting Tennessee’s Willa B. Farms, an organization that rescues animals. Although it is not quite Haley’s big break, the graphics for “Billy the Kid Makes it Big” are the most recent in a string of achievements that began around five years ago.

Haley polished her artistic technique in the hours outside of her “9-5” workday until her perseverance and enthusiasm eventually paid off. Publishers became interested in Haley’s creative vision four and a half years ago when she produced a collection of illustrations called “Little Vampire.”

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