Roddy Ricch Nominates Himself, Kendrick Lamar & YG To Be The Top 3 In L.A. Hip-Hop Mountain

Photo source: Image via Publicist

Roddy Ricch says himself, Kendrick Lamar and YG are the only rappers left in L.A. who are truly holding it down for the city.

In a recent interview with Akademiks, Roddy spoke about Hip-Hop in Los Angeles, and the artists who have been ‘putting on’ for the city. The Compton rapper goes on to say that there are only three people at the top of the L.A. rap mountain.

“There’s so much sh*t going on in L.A. that shit will f**k you up. It’s only three n-ggas left in L.A. that I can say that’s really putting on for this muthaf**ker and that’s Kendrick, YG and me,” Roddy said while speaking to Akademiks. “When you really sit down and understand that the type of baggage we got as n-ggas from the spot, you gotta understand what we going through as a unit n-gga.”

Adding to what had already been said, Roddy continued: “I ain’t going to say we down, but we gotta put this shit together, figure out a plan to really set this shit up cause we really the west. We been doing this shit for too long to really just stop and have soldiers falling. It’s n-ggas just flopping and falling. We gotta step up as the n-ggas cause it’s only three of us left.”

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