Don Jazzy’s Father Says He Won’t Pressure Superstar Music Executive To Marry

The father of well-known music executive and musician Michael Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, Collins Enebeli Ajereh, has declared that he is not pressuring his son to get married. He believes forcing someone to get married is foolish because marriage is a personal decision. In an interview with TVC’s “Wake Up Nigeria,” he added that he would not pressure Don Jazzy to get married again because his first marriage didn’t work out. Collins Enebeli Ajereh thinks his son must make his own marriage-related decisions because pressuring someone into a union could result in unhappy outcomes. He wants Don Jazzy to choose the ideal partner since he respects his prior experience.

He said that he didn’t think Don Jazzy’s decision to be unmarried had anything to do with the nature of his work. According to him, Don Jazzy’s decision to remain unmarried was a personal choice and not influenced by his profession. He believed that one’s marital status should not be judged based on one’s career but on individual preferences and priorities. When asked if he thought Don Jazzy, his 40-year-old son, would get married again, he responded by saying,

“He [Don Jazzy] was married. But they [he and his ex-wife] decided to end their marriage.”

“Well, that is his choice. The question of marriage is individual choice. Some people choose marriage and some don’t and yet have relationships that might blossom into what makes their lives complete.”

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