Diddy Scheduled To Host & Executive-Produce 2022 Billboard Music Awards

Diddy will be making a comeback to the Billboard Music Awards this year in a big way. The Bad Boy chief broke the news on Instagram, announcing thay he will be playing both host and executive producer to the upcoming BBMAs. The music icon shared the a clip from his backyard in very early in the morning in an attempt to rouse his neighbors from sleep with the news.

“Good morning, my neighbors! As the sun rises, I have an announcement I want you all to hear,” he screamed. “I am returning, yes! I am returning! And what better way to do that than to executive produce and to host this year’s 2022 Billboard Music Award. That means I’m the host with the most. I’m the executive producer that calls all the shots. That means I’m the ringmaster. P.T. Barnum style.”

Diddy’s huge role in this year’s BBMAs also happens to fall on the 25th-year anniversary of his first Billboard Music Award for his debút album, No Way Out.

“This will be unlike any awards show – I’m bringing the love and setting the frequency at an all-time high,” Diddy told E! News in a statement. “The Billboard Music Awards truly represent the artists and where music is today, so I’m excited to curate the biggest live performances and surprises. The world has to tune in to see.”

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