D’Prince Introduces GDZILLA, A New Masked Artist

D’Prince has piqued the interest of the internet by revealing his latest masked artist, GDZILLA. Here’s what we know so far. D’Prince made an earth-shattering news on his social media page on August 30, 2023. The leader of the music industry took to Twitter to announce the signing of a fresh new musician to Jonzing World. GDZILLA is the name of this new artist.

What makes this announcement unique? The newly signed artist’s face was hidden from view! They disguised their faces with an almost comical dinosaur mask, similar to Lagbaja. The artist is wearing a dinosaur mask and a grey suit in the photo with D’Prince.

The artist is depicted alongside D’Prince sporting a dinosaur mask and a grey suit. As of now, we don’t know the artist’s genuine identity because social media pages for him have only recently been created. All eyes are now on D’Prince as he makes this declaration. It’s no secret that D’Prince has a thing for successful artists.

He signed Rema and Ruger to his record label. Both of those musicians have gone on to break records both at home and internationally with their music. Everyone is now wondering if he can pull off a third successful act in a row with GDZILLA.

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