Gdzilla, Jonzing World’s Newest Artist Claims His Mask Was A PR Stunt

Gdzilla’s face mask caught listeners’ attention following his unveiling by D’ Prince, head of the Jonzing World label.

The mask is modeled after the mythological Godzilla figure, from whom he also got the inspiration for his stage name. The attention-grabbing stunt, which infuriated some fans right away and sparked criticism on social media, was perceived by listeners as the mask.

Gdzilla acknowledged that the mask was a publicity stunt intended to raise awareness and that he always intended to remove it once the objective was accomplished in a recent interview with HipTV.

After Rema and Ruger, who both had distinctive branding, the up-and-coming artist released his debut self-titled EP in 2023. He is also the third artist from the Jonzing World talent chain.

With the release of his debut single, High Tension, which features gloomy lyrics and beats that showcase his remarkable talent and promise, Gdzilla has set the stage for his musical future.

The musician, whose songs have a lot of street vibes, claims that his experiences served as inspiration for his debut EP and that he plans to share more of this in his next releases.

After Rema and Ruger’s mainstream success, D’Prince and Jonzing World are hoping for a hattrick of breakout musicians with Gdzilla, especially since Ruger departed the Jonzing World label to start his own label.

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