Drake Fires At Metro Boomin With Diss “Drumline” Meme

In recent weeks, Drake has faced criticism from many of his former collaborators, including Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Future and Metro Boomin. Still, he quickly silenced the critics when he dropped his new song “Push Ups” on April 13. He aimed at his detractors in the music, but his most direct and disrespectful bars were aimed at Metro Boomin. Drake rapped, “Metro, shut your h*-a*s up and make some drums, n***a,” which was widely considered one of the most quotable lines of the song. Although Metro Boomin hasn’t responded to the diss track or Drake’s Instagram post, the Toronto rapper capitalised on the impact of his “drums” line. On April 15, he posted a clip from the 2002 film Drumline on Instagram. The clip features a scene from the teen drama set in the world of competitive band drumlines, perfectly aligning with Drake’s dismissive line towards Metro.

DJ Akademiks and The Shade Room reposted Drake’s Drumline meme, fueling the already-burning fire. Akademiks went as far as to caption his post, “Drake posts how Metroboomin Finna responds to his diss song.” Despite this, Metro has remained silent on the feud and has not commented on the diss record from which the “drums” line originated. However, Metro did tweet a photo of himself, Future, and The Weeknd on April 13, captioning it “The Biggest Three.”

This tweet implied they are more significant than the established “Big Three” of Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. Despite the ongoing feud, Metro has kept busy with a mixtape and two collaborative albums with Future over the last month. He tweeted about how excited he was to get some rest, but given the current state of things between him and Drake, the producer will likely return to the studio soon.

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