Governor Sanwo-Olu Admits To Enjoying Spyro’s “Who’s your Guy?” In His Leisure Time

The popular hit tune “Who’s Your Guy?” by fast-rising singer Spyro is a favorite of Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The popular governor shocked many when, in a video published on Twitter by Jubril Gawat, his senior special assistant for new media, he expressed his love for Spyro’s song. When questioned about his favorite song at his desk, Governor Sanwo-Olu immediately named “Who’s Your Guy?” the song he enjoys listening to in his spare time.

This was intriguing because the governor is reputed to be pretty traditional. But he continued, saying that he enjoys the music and keeps up with people and their trends.

Though some might think it’s just another ploy to appeal to young people, it appears the Lagos State governor truly appreciates the tune, at least judging from the footage in which he was captured admitting to being a fan of Spyro’s hit single. However, while the governor might be in high spirits, many Lagosians are still not pleased with the outcome of the concluded gubernatorial elections.

Internet users and celebrities have since spoken up, condemning the thuggery and tribalistic violence experienced during the polls. However, seemingly unfazed, Sanwo-Olu is yet to react to the complaints and agitations. Instead, he would tell us about his favorite song.

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