Ike Onyema Claims Role in Ilebaye’s BBNaija Victory

Ex-Lover's Strategy or Genuine Support?

The Big Brother Naija All-Star Season, which saw contestants from various seasons compete for the grand prize, has come to a thrilling end. While many initially believed that Mercy Eke, a previous winner with a massive fanbase, would clinch the title once again, it was Ilebaye Odiniya who emerged victorious. Interestingly, Ike Onyema, a former contestant and Mercy’s ex-lover, is now claiming a significant role in Ilebaye’s win.

Ike’s involvement in the season was marked by his determination to ensure that Mercy did not win for the second time. He was vocal about his intentions, even stating that he felt manipulated by Mercy during their shared season and subsequent relationship. “I was very generous with her during our season, but she took me for a fool. I am never doing it again this time,” he expressed.

During the season, Ike took several actions that inadvertently highlighted Ilebaye, making her more noticeable to the audience. One such incident involved him scattering her clothes and personal belongings, drawing sympathy from viewers. Despite his efforts against Ilebaye, including plans to set her up for a strike, Ike was evicted, and Ilebaye continued to gain traction.

After Ilebaye’s win, Ike took to social media to proclaim his influence on the outcome. He tweeted, “They say I’m a 2-time queen maker, but I’d say I’m the orchestrator of God’s plan. Feel free to thank me.” He also addressed Maria Chike, another contestant, saying, “I forgive you Maria Chike. Go and sin no more.”Ike Onyema Claims Role In Ilebaye'S Bbnaija Victory, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024Ike Onyema Claims Role In Ilebaye'S Bbnaija Victory, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

While Ike’s claims have sparked varied reactions online, there’s no denying that the dynamics between the housemates added layers of intrigue to the season. Whether Ike’s actions genuinely influenced Ilebaye’s win or if it’s merely a strategic claim remains a topic of debate among fans.

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