Portable Responds To Charles Okocha’s Claims For A Re-Match Following Victory In Celebrity Boxing Match

Habeeb Okikiola, a Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter who goes by Portable, recently defeated fellow celebrity Charles Okocha in their much-talked-about boxing match. He has continued to have his say on social media. According to Portable, he emerged victorious despite being slightly disadvantaged by his opponent before and during the fight. In a new video posted online, Portable commented about the boxing match, including details about how it played out and his thoughts on Okocha’s performance. The video also featured Portable discussing his plans on talks for a rematch from his opponent’s camp and his ideas for other celebrities in the music and entertainment industry. He said,

“It wasn’t just a photo op; didn’t you see how tall and big Charles Okocha is? He’s an Igbo boy.”

“He’s unnecessarily tall. They didn’t check our weight; Charles Okocha weighs more than me, yet I beat him. He took heavy punches. He fell to the floor, and it turned into wrestling. There are some punches you’ll receive and shrug off; he couldn’t.”

“His coach told him to switch tactics, but I adjusted and defeated him. What will he tell his kids? That Portable defeated him? He’s asking for a rematch, but what will he tell his wife?”

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