Ike Onyema

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Ike Onyema Basic Information

Stage Name: Ike Onyema
Real Name: Steve Ikechukwu Onyema
Occupation: Reality Star, Blogger, Model, Businessman, Artist
Date Of Birth/Age: 19 July, 1992 (31 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Imo State, Nigeria (origin)

Gender: Male
Nationality: American, Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bachelor’s Degree In Mathematics
Height: 5 ft. 11 inches
Net Worth:

Ike Onyema Biography

Steve Ikechukwu Onyema, popularly known as Ike Onyema, is a Nigerian reality star, model, artist, and businessman. Onyema gained prominence as a housemate in the Big Brother Naija Season 4 Pepper Dem Gang edition. His relationship on and outside the show with winner Mercy Eke earned him more recognition. Ike splits his time between the United States, where he was born and raised, and Nigeria. He hails from Imo State, Nigeria, and has a Bachelor’s Degree In Mathematics. Ike has released several singles, including “Foreign” and “Monica.”

Ike Onyema, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024


Ike has kept members of his family away from the spotlight. However, he said in an interview with Guardian Life that he had a very tough upbringing.


Ike Onyema told Guardian Life in a 2022 interview that he was raised by supportive-but-strict parents. “I had typical Nigerian parents, very supportive but very strict, they always pushed me towards academics even when I wanted to play basketball.” There are reports that his parents reside in the United States.


Ike’s father has been referred to as Mr. Onyema by the media. There has been no information about him online.


There is no available information about Ike’s mother online. He has kept details about her away from the public eye.


Ike Onyema has not said anything about his siblings. He has only mentioned his cousin, who he lives with in Lagos. He said he would have split the Big Brother Naija prize money with him if he had won.


It is unknown if Ike has brothers. He has not said anything about it.


Ike Onyema has not opened up about having sisters. It is unknown if he has any.

Ike Onyema, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024


Ike Onyema is a stylish guy. He loves to look good. He credits his friend Dammy Krane for helping him start his music career in 2020. Ike’s highly publicized relationship with the Big Brother Naija winner keeps him in the news constantly.


Ike Onyema’s most talked-about relationship was with fellow Big Brother Naija star Mercy Eke who also emerged winner of the show. Ike Onyema and Mercy Eke entered the Big Brother Naija Season 4 Pepper Dem Gang house as housemates and kicked off a well-received romance by their fans. They were among the lovebirds of the season and continued their affair outside the house. They later announced during the reunion that they had broken up.

Ike Onyema, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024
Ike And Mercy

Ike announced their split on Twitter, writing, “I am single because I showed more love in 2020 than I ever got back, and I’m alright with that.” In an interview with Nedu on his podcast, Mercy Eke said she once dated ‘someone’ who she took care of throughout the entire relationship. She also said she did not know who Ike was. Reacting to the interview, Ike blasted the hosts and Mercy, calling her a liar. He dared her to prove how she took care of him and threatened to post receipts if they ever disrespected him again.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Ike Onyema is unknown. He earns a living as a model, actor, artist, and businessman.


Ike does not post photos of his car(s) on social media.


Ike once said he lived with his cousin in Lagos for seven months before entering the Big Brother Naija house. He has not spoken about his recent residence.

Ike Onyema, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

Big Brother

Ike Onyema emerged as one of the Big Brother Naija Season 4 Pepper Dem Gang’s most talked-about housemates. His relationship with the winner, Mercy Eke, was also highly publicized. Ike accused the organizers of the show of blacklisting him because he wouldn’t bend to their will.

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