J. Cole Drops Surprise Album ‘Might Delete Later’

In the world of hip-hop, there has been a lot of talk lately about a possible feud between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. This discussion started when Lamar released a new track called ‘Like That’, featured on Future and Metro Boomin’s collaborative album ‘We Don’t Trust You’. Although Lamar was not officially credited on the track, it appears that he took a direct shot at both J. Cole and Drake. In the song, Lamar referenced the ‘First Person Shooter’ track, a collaboration between Cole and Drake on Drake’s 2023 album ‘For All The Dogs’. Furthermore, Lamar used the term “big three” to criticize both rappers, which refers to the three greatest mainstream rappers of 2010 hip-hop, as dubbed by Cole. It’s worth noting that J. Cole has not yet responded to Lamar’s apparent criticism, and whether this will escalate into a full-blown feud remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the hip-hop community is keeping a close eye on this situation.

Hip-hop fans have been excited since J. Cole surprised them with a new album titled ‘Might Delete Later’. The album, consisting of 12 tracks, has sparked speculation that it may be a response to Kendrick’s diss. The last track of the album, ‘7 Minute Drill’, has only added to the anticipation. J. Cole’s fans had been waiting eagerly for his new music, and he did not disappoint, releasing the album unexpectedly. The album’s title suggests that it may not be permanent, adding to the mystery surrounding it.

Meanwhile, Drake, currently on a co-headlining tour with J. Cole, has seemingly responded to Kendrick’s diss last month, which has fueled the feud further. Fans are eager to see whether J. Cole addresses Kendrick’s diss on his album or whether he will take the high road. The hip-hop community eagerly awaits what happens next in this ongoing feud, and the release of ‘Might Delete Later’ has only added to the excitement.

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