Kanye West Clears IG Ahead Of “Vultures” Release Even As Fans Speculate

It’s clear that the anticipation for Ty Dolla Sign and Kanye West’s upcoming album, Vultures, is growing. Regretfully, since his initial December release date, there have been several delays. Three volumes will now be published, the first of which Ye says will be available in February. The second book by Vultures is coming out in March, and the third in April. Ye recently revised his Instagram profile, leaving fans to speculate about what features to anticipate, when it will arrive, and other things. Everything was deleted, including his raunchy Bianca Censori photos. He deleted his photographs, and he unfollowed everyone. Fans are eagerly awaiting more information about the upcoming album, as Kanye’s social media purge has left them wondering about the direction and collaborations on Vultures. Despite the delays, the multiple volumes and Ye’s mysterious actions have only added to the anticipation surrounding this highly anticipated project.

Given that musicians usually clean their pages before major releases, some fans are questioning if the most recent modification was intended as a clue. On the other hand, there are worries that this would signal yet another delay in the project’s completion. It’s also possible, of course, that he just made a fresh start and wiped the slate clean, in which case there would be no purpose to all this conjecture. Fans are waiting impatiently for the musician to clarify the situation with an official statement or update. Fans and industry insiders alike will probably continue to conjecture and wait to see how the project is progressing until then.

It seems likely that fans will just have to wait to see what Ye has in store. He gave fans a preview of what’s to come last week with the release of the terrifying Vultures teaser. Fans were fascinated and excitedly awaiting the release after watching the trailer, which included powerful graphics and unsettling music. It appears Kanye West is generating buzz and maintaining a feeling of mystery around his next project by removing his social media profiles. What surprises he has in store for his admirers remain to be seen.

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