Kanye West And Ty Dolla $ign Push Back “Vultures” Album Release Until February

Just a few days before its most recent release date, Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign have postponed their joint album yet again. Rather than the previously stated date of January 19, the official Vultures iTunes page stated on Tuesday, January 16, that the album’s anticipated release date was February 9.

Before that, Ye’s longterm partner Malik Yusef discussed the reasons behind the album’s delay in release, which has now seen four postponements. In the comments portion of an Instagram photo that Yusef shared earlier this month of Ty in the studio, the singer said that he was rerecording every part.

“What song is he recording for?” a fan inquired of Yusef. He answered, “All of em.”

The same person questioned again, asking if Ty was “redoing verses or making new ones?” “Both,” Yusef replied.

The Chicago native further denied that Vultures, like other previous Kanye albums like Yandhi and Turbo Grafx 16, was canceled. Kanye and Ty have released a ton of material from the project in preview form, despite the numerous delays. They most recently debuted a brand-new song on Chicago’s Power 92 radio called “Unlock.”

They performed previously unheard collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Freddie Gibbs, Lil Baby, Kid Cudi, North West, Kanye’s daughter, and others at two listening parties they hosted prior to that.

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