Metro Boomin Addresses “Leaks” In Lil Durk Collaboration Project; Says Project’s Integrity Has Been Compromised

In a statement released on January 24, Metro announced that the Lil Durk collab had been officially abandoned, even though they had hinted at the collaboration for four years. Metro disclosed that the undisclosed project was almost completed when leaks destroyed the entire project, despite the outstanding music. The news undoubtedly disappoints fans hoping to witness Lil Durk’s lyrical skills combined with Metro Boomin’s distinctive producing approach. The collaboration album, which was initially teased on Instagram in February 2020 and was supposed to be called ‘No Auto,’ was marred by leaks. Songs like “High Demand,” “I Am No Auto,” and the duet “Project Baby” with Lil Baby were leaked, causing significant issues. The leaks were unanticipated, and sadly, they destroyed the integrity of the entire project.

Despite the setback, Metro Boomin reassured fans that several other projects were scheduled for release this year. The music industry is dynamic, and artists can persevere in the face of such difficulties. Fans should look forward to new songs from well-known producers in the upcoming months. This setback has only motivated Metro Boomin to create more exceptional music for his fans, and he’s determined to keep pushing forward. In conclusion, the abandoned project with Lil Durk had excellent potential, and it’s disappointing to see it not being scheduled for release due to unforeseen circumstances. However, fans should watch for Metro Boomin’s future projects, and let’s hope that his upcoming collaborations with other artists won’t fall victim to unfortunate leaks.

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