Mother Of Dead 12-Year Old Chrisland Student Gets Autopsy Reports; Reveals Child Didn’t Die “How The Management Is Saying,” Calls For Alarm

Tragedy struck at the Chrisland School Interhouse sports on a Thursday, and reports, according to the school management, had it that 12-years old Witney “slumped and died.”

That was the report until Whitney’s parents got the autopsy reports.

The reports have it that poor little Whitney lost her life due to “electrocution,” This sudden turn of events begs the question, What is happening in Chrisland? Why the initial false statement from the Management?

Mother Of Dead 12-Year Old Chrisland Student Gets Autopsy Reports; Reveals Child Didn'T Die &Quot;How The Management Is Saying,&Quot; Calls For Alarm, Yours Truly, News, April 25, 2024

Whitney Adeniran’s father, Michael Adeniran, had resorted to social media to call for an investigation into his daughter’s death. He also asked the Lagos State government and the police to get involved. Additionally, he insisted that Chrisland explain what occurred to his daughter, pointing out that she was well and free of any illnesses when the school bus picked her up for the incident.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police, acknowledged the occurrence at the time and stated that “the problem was reported to the police soon after the incident occurred.

And now, following reports as circulated on Twitter, it has been revealed that Whitney Adediran had died of electrocution, and the school was also aware of it before giving their statement that insinuated that the 12-year-old was probably ill following previous reports, hence the “slump” and inadvertently, death of Whitney.

Whitney’s mother took to social media as she revealed, while in tears, that the autopsy report of her dead child showed electrocution as the cause of death. She is holding the school responsible for this negligence and denial.

Media blogs and handles have also ascertained the claims’ authenticity and shared the video on their platforms.

It has been revealed that since the result was released, only two parents with kids in the school have reached out to the girl’s parents as they have all “Moved On” because it isn’t one of theirs. The video also claimed the school was yet to reach out too.

How events unfold from where is yet to be known as Netizens have expressed their concern for the developing story taking into consideration the regularity, the Chrisland School has recently seemed to be in the news for tragic or worrisome indulgencies.

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