Music Producer Admits To Making The Leaked Kendrick Lamar Diss With AI

The revelation that the Kendrick Lamar diss track was AI-generated has caused a stir in the music industry. Recently, an alleged diss track bearing a Kendrick Lamar tag surfaced on the internet and caused a lot of confusion among listeners. It was later confirmed that the track was generated by AI technology, not Kendrick Lamar. Sy The Rapper, a music producer, revealed the truth via TikTok on April 16th. Sy, the rapper, said that he created the track to test the limits of AI technology and see how convincing it could be. He was surprised when many people believed the track was real. Sy backed up his claim by showing TikTok users the music file on his computer. He then gave the AI Diss an official title, “One Shot.”

Sy, the rapper, clarified that Kendrick Lamar had nothing to do with the track’s creation. He also supported Lamar and assured fans that the accurate Diss record would be much better than what he created. Sy, the rapper, emphasized that the AI-generated DJ track was just an experiment and did not intend to deceive anyone. It raises questions about the limits of AI technology in music production and the potential for deception in the industry. The incident also highlights the importance of verifying sources and being cautious of unverified online information.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I psyched myself,” “I thought it was gonna sound fake, I thought people was gonna be able to tell it was fake. People think it’s actually real.”

“I just wanna come out for the record and say that it’s AI,”

“That’s not Kendrick’s response. I know Kendrick’s gonna come harder than that. I just couldn’t get too disrespectful cuse I ain’t in that beef.”

While the incident has caused quite a bit of buzz online, it also highlights the growing sophistication of AI technology. The artist responsible for creating the track, Sy, recently shared that he found it amusing that Drake had heard the track and ‘reacted,’ contradicting the theory that some industry insiders had that it was “bad.” Daylyt, a rapper who appeared on J. Cole’s “Might Delete Later,” even pointed out on Twitter that he knew the leak was AI and criticized those who suggested otherwise. While it’s certainly interesting to see how far AI has come, it’s also important to remember that it’s now making it difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. Ultimately, seeing how Kendrick Lamar responds to the viral track will be interesting.

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