DJ Akademiks: Kendrick Lamar “On The Clock” To Respond To Drake Diss

The rap industry is experiencing a commotion of excitement and anticipation as it eagerly awaits what could be the most significant rap battle since the days of Jay-Z and Nas. The recent exchange between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has left all fans wondering when and how Kendrick will respond. Drake’s leaked diss track has set the stage for what could be a massive rap battle, and many people are watching closely to see how it will play out.

DJ Akademiks, a media personality, has expressed his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s limited response time. Drake took three weeks before releasing his response to Kendrick’s diss, and some fans believe that Kendrick should have had as much time. However, others think that Drake’s diss, which mentioned Kendrick’s lack of new music, puts pressure on Kendrick to act fast. Drake’s diss track targets Kendrick Lamar and other rappers like Rick Ross, Future, and Metro Boomin. DJ Akademiks believes that Drake’s four-minute-long response has raised the stakes, putting pressure on Kendrick to respond quickly.

Despite this, it is essential to note that Kendrick’s “Like That” was a direct attack against Drake, meaning Kendrick might not need as much time to respond. Both tracks have generated a lot of discussion and hype, making it a level playing field in the public eye. Despite their different styles, Kendrick’s thought-provoking lyrics and Drake’s ability to create catchy songs, DJ Akademiks believes Kendrick will come out on top in this feud. However, it remains to be seen how it will play out, and fans eagerly await what happens in this epic rap battle.

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