Nollywood Veteran Tony Umez Celebrates Anniversary; Talks About His Marriage As It Turns 24

Tony Umez, a veteran Nollywood actor, is often referred to as “Mr Durling” or the perfect lover boy. In a recent interview, Tony and his wife Patsy Ogochuckwu opened up about their marriage of 24 years and friendship that spans over 28 years. The media got to hear about their story and their relationship, which they shared at length.

Tony Umez, a veteran in Nollywood, opened up about his marriage and how he has been able to avoid scandal since his rise to fame in the movie industry. In an interview with Nosa Oke-Hortons, Tony shared the secret to his happy marriage and how he and his wife have kept things fresh between them for 25 years. Patsy, his wife, also spoke about how she has been able to keep their marriage private. Tony mentioned that keeping the more significant aspects of his personal life away from the public has helped save his marriage. During the interview, the veteran actor elaborated on how he and his wife have been able to manage their marriage and keep it scandal-free for over two decades.

The veteran revealed his secret to looking youthful at nearly 60. He said,

“My wife is the secret behind my graceful looks. She is the bond that keeps everything together. Patsy makes everything tick.”

“Don’t bring your low times on social media. It is a recipe for disaster. Don’t overexpose your family on social media. However, if there are some positives about your life you want to share with the public, put them there. But putting your downtime on social media will ruin whatever beautiful thing you have with your wife. Don’t allow social media people to be the judge and jury of your life.”

“Social media people were not there when you guys started. When both of una quarrel, na una go settle am.”

Tony mentioned that separating his public and private lives has helped his marriage. Patsy, Umez’s wife, also supported this idea.

“First, I would say the marriage has survived and waxed stronger only by God’s grace. Also, the truth is God gave me my own husband. He is a good man, and he is a faithful man. We’ve been married now for over 24 years and friends for 29 years. We’ve come a long way. Our capacity to understand and support each other has been our greatest secret.”

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